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Emergency Medical Service

Sgt Mark George’s Recognition at YTT

Posted on May 15, 2018 in News

Sgt Mark George was asked to stop by Yeshivas Tiferes Tzvi Elementary today, May 14th, 2018. It was a rainy day, but the rain held off just as the school was planning on marking Sgt. George’s retirement after 30 years with the Chicago Police Department. Sgt George was involved in reviewing the schools Emergency Action Plan and the school wanted to recognize him for all that he has done....

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Teaching Girl Scouts First Aid

Posted on Apr 27, 2018 in News

On April 22nd, volunteers of Hatzalah Chicago were invited to teach Girl Scouts of Skokie first aid and lifesaving skills. The teachers included dispatchers and EMTs to provide different perspectives and illustrate that help is a team effort. The girls learned how to bandage a wound, help someone who is choking, perform CPR, how to inject an EpiPen, and how to prevent sickness via good hygiene. There was even a visit from a friendly puppy,...

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Armed Robberies

Posted on Apr 24, 2018 in News, Police Bulletins

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About the Crime This alert gives notice to the residents of the 24th District (Rogers Park) of Armed Robberies which have occurred.  In these incidents, unknown groups of offender(s) have approached the victims, produce or imply a handgun, demand belongings and threaten to shot the victim do not comply. For more information please click on link below. Community Alert...

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A Note from the 24th District Commander & Tips on How to Prevent Thefts

Posted on Sep 26, 2016 in News

Link to the 24th District Commander’s Note Regarding the High Holidays: Letter from the Commander             Tips to Prevent Thefts                 Many property crimes can be prevented simply by locking home doors, garage doors, windows and vehicle doors. A recent study of property crimes, including home and vehicle burglaries, showed nearly half of the events involved unlocked doors or car drivers who left valuables in plain view...

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CPD Alert – Child Luring 24th District

Posted on Sep 25, 2016 in News, Police Bulletins

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Link to Police Notice: 25 SEP 16 024th District Community Alert- Attempt Child Luring About This Crime On September 24, 2016, at approximately 9:20 a.m., two victim’s ages 7 and 10 were near the 2900 block of West Lunt Avenue. A light Blue vehicle stopped, and an unknown driver motioned for the victim’s to come near the car. The driver then opened the door of the vehicle and began to exit. The children began to walk away, when...

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Chicago Shares Information with Michigan Communities to Save Lives

Posted on Apr 18, 2016 in News

On Monday, April 18th, a large group of Michigan government and community stakeholders arrived in Chicago. Their goal was to understand how Hatzalah Chicago operates and to see if they could successfully implement a similar system in their communities. Hatzalah’s success in the Chicagoland area has been as a liaison between the municipal services and local community. At times, it is teaching CPR to schools and synagogues and other times...

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