Hatzalah Chicago

Emergency Medical Service

COVID-19 Update

Posted on Mar 17, 2020 in News

Dear Community: To help do as much as possible to slow transmission, Hatzalah Chicago Paramedics & EMTs will be wearing gloves, N95 mask, and/or isolation gown with face-shield for *ALL* calls. Nothing in this new standard process is an indication of a positive test result, rather it is precautionary for the safety of our crew. Please do not damage the confidentiality that Hatzalah Chicago provides for its patients by sharing our location...

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Aggravated Vehicular Hijacking

Posted on Feb 11, 2020 in News

This alert gives notice to citizens in the 24th District (Rogers Park) of recent aggravated vehicular hijackings that have occurred. In these incidents, offenders enter the victim’s parked car and force the occupants from the vehicle, taking the victim’s car.

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Safety Recommendations

Posted on Dec 13, 2019 in News

7 Ways To Improve Your Situational Awareness: Identify objects around you. Be mindful of your surroundings.Notice other people.Identify entry and exit points.Practice prediction.Stay vigilant.Trust yourself.Practice situational defensive...

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Community Conversation

Posted on Nov 4, 2019 in News

Everyone is invited to participate in a Two-Part Series to create the 24th District’s Community Policing Strategic Plan. http://www.hatzalahchicago.org/wp-content/uploads/Community-Conversation-Part-2-0681_001.jpg

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Strong-Arm Robberies

Posted on Sep 3, 2019 in Community, Police Bulletins

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This alert gives notice to the residents of the 24th District (Rogers Park) of Strong-Arm Robberies which have occurred. In these incidents, an unknown groups of offenders have approached the victims, beat them, and robbed the victims of their belongings.

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